Must try Tea & Coffee Shops other than Starbucks!

Most of the American people are coffee obsessed and now slowly their obsession for tea has also increased. American tea and coffee lovers are flocking the coffee and tea shops regularly for a warm experience. 

Not only are they delicious but also a few are rich in healthy components. Are you in search of the best coffee and tea shops in the United States? If yes, this article is for you!

Well we’ll let you know about the top coffee & tea chains in America, so that you can enjoy the delectable beverages! Also, these are the ones that you must try in America.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee prides itself on being the first major US Coffee House to serve 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee Beans. 

Nothing compares to a cup of Caribou Coffee as it is a coffee shop with commitment to sustainability. To find the best beans, they travel to countries like Ethiopia and Brazil.

You can also get your favorite Caribou Coffee products such as bagged beans, K-Cup Pods, tea, or canned options delivered to your house.

Finding the ideal roast is just as crucial as taking that first sip. Discover Caribou Coffee’s at-home coffee by roast & feel the delightful experience. 

Caribou Coffee has got a lot of unique flavored coffee drinks on its menu. Read this for Caribou Coffee menu.

Seven Cups

Seven Cups tea shop and cafe was started by Austin Hodge, the man behind the International Specialty Tea Association, in 2004. Chinese tea is the cafe’s specialty, making it well-known. 

At this cafe, customers can choose from about 80 different kinds of loose tea leaves. This tea chain will come up first when you search for “milk tea near me” if you enjoy milk tea. 

Every Friday, Seven Cups hosts a free tea tasting event. Unquestionably, anyone curious about the background and culture of tea must visit this tea shop. 

For anyone visiting Tucson, the Da Hong Pao tea served here is a “must-try” beverage.

Song Tea 

Song Tea is a San Francisco based well known tea store in the United States. It will show up at the top of the local map when you search for “tea room near me.” 

Song Tea, which Peter Luong founded, is renowned for serving genuine, hypnotic teas. To satisfy the taste buds of tea connoisseurs, the owner of the tea café exports new tea leaves from Japan each year.

This tea chain also sells fine ceramic teaware in addition to tea. One must try the Manresa Bread and Oolong tea offered at this tea store.

Kung Fu Tea

Every cup of tea you drink from Kung Fu Tea will have the flavor punch you crave. Each cup of tea that they make is handmade and a reflection of their love for this age-old custom. 

Kung Fu Tea offers a flavor of Taiwan right in the center of Vancouver. Each cup is a work of art in terms of flavor, color, and texture. 

At Kung Fu Tea, they take the tea heritage seriously. Every time a customer visits Kung Fu Tea, they treat both the tea and the customer with the utmost respect, making the experience memorable. 

Being the top bubble tea store in Vancouver is something this tea chain is very proud of. Details on kung fu tea menu in this link.

Golden Fog Coffee

Golden Fog Coffee is one of the best coffee chains in America. It barely began operations shortly before the pandemic, but despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, it has quickly established itself as a cherished local landmark. 

The café uses a Sanremo Cafe Racer to serve just Dark Moon Coffee, but it also offers 20 choices for loose leaf tea and a variety of Italian sodas.

There are a variety of coffee, plant-based bagels, sandwiches, and pastries available at this entirely vegetarian cafe. 

Locals also gush over their vegan donuts. A display and rotating art gallery wall featuring work by regional artists are inside.